Social Policy & Administration

Book: In search of home: Citizenship, law and the politics of the poor

This book explores the rehabilitation housing policies for the displaced poor and chronicles the myriad strategies employed by them in their struggles for a home.


Kaveri Haritas, Associate Professor, Jindal School of Government & Public Policy, O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana, India.


“In Search of Home” explores a new yet less explored space of urban poverty – rehabilitation housing for the displaced poor, which increasingly dots the peripheries of Indian cities. This longitudinal ethnography examines these new liminal zones suspended between a slum and the legal city, producing ‘citizenship in-limbo’ and relegating the poor to perpetual dependence on the state albeit legal residence. 

It examines how the flexible governance of such housing produces illegalities, and how state institutions and actors stand to gain through systemic corruption that co-opts urban poor groups, pre-empting radical resistance. 

This book makes central the gendered nature of such politics, detailing the everyday political work of women, vital to the development of poor neighbourhoods and political struggles for housing. 

This analysis of rehabilitation housing policies and their implementation, chronicles the myriad strategies employed by the urban poor, from documenting to political performances, in their struggles for a home.

Published by: Cambridge University Press, New Delhi.

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