Student Research

The university’s Research Grants Policy consciously seeks to promote research by students, allowing students to undertake research assistantships on individual faculty projects. In addition, JGU earmarks 20% of its annual research budget to support student research projects.

Some courses in JGU’s degree programmes are specifically designed to develop the research skills of our students. Students also conduct research through support of faculty research and research centre activities; participation in internal and external conferences, workshops and other activities; and research-based community engagement projects.

Cross registration of courses is offered and encouraged across our schools laying emphasis on our commitment to providing interdisciplinary research opportunities and academic experiences for our undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The annual student research colloquiums, funded by the university, are an example of this. The colloquiums have contributed positively in enhancing student research interests and capacities. The annual event invites participation from students across India to present original research papers before a panel of faculty experts.

Community Peace and Social Recovery Fellowship Programme

The CPSRFP is a distinct field-based academic programme which is geared towards developing a cohort of students who are trained in the design, implementation and evaluation of disaster relief operations. The core aim of the CPSRFP is to explore the linkages between disaster response, development and peacebuilding with a focus on integrating non-traditional techniques for conflict resolution and early recovery in disaster relief.

The programme is especially relevant for students seeking to specialize in crisis response, post-crisis recovery, international development and public health programming in humanitarian emergencies.

The key outcome of the Fellowship is that trainees will develop their own projects during the Fellowship and create innovative frameworks for evidence-based multi-dimensional early recovery programming in both complex political environments and low resource settings.

Clinical Legal Aid Society

The Clinical Legal Aid Society is a student run initiative of the Jindal Global Law School. Started in 2009 the society seeks to bridge the gap between what law promises to offer and the actual reality of law.

Clinical Programmes

JGU’s undergraduate programmes are carefully designed to be rigorous with research components integrated into the curriculum where relevant. The large majority of undergraduate courses rely heavily on students’ capabilities in conducting research, drafting papers, critical thinking, presenting coherent arguments to teachers and peers, and producing research papers of publishable quality.

Undergraduate students are also allowed to take postgraduate courses depending on their coursework and faculty advice. Final year undergraduate students may be allowed to work on an independent research paper under the mentorship of a faculty member.

Students are also supported and mentored to publish research papers or project reports resulting from practical training projects.