Faculty Research

The pursuance of a global research agenda lies at the centre of our goal to build a world-class institution of learning. The university supports research by faculty through five important and interrelated initiatives.

First, teaching responsibilities of faculty members are appropriately balanced with their research aspirations. Secondly, the university’s Staff Development Policy has supported faculty participation in national and international conferences for presenting their research.

Thirdly, the university’s research centres also provide a sharper focus to specific aspects of research for faculty members who while pursuing their research agenda are able to bring together other researchers in India and around the world to participate in collaborative research with their centres.

Fourthly, through the university’s Research Grants Committee, faculty members are awarded research grants to pursue individual research. And finally, the university has encouraged and incentivized faculty research and publications through the annual Research Excellence Awards, and through monetary awards for outstanding publications.

Our institutional, academic and administrative functioning is geared towards enabling, supporting and encouraging our faculty members to undertake rigorous, transdisciplinary, and collaborative research.

Over the years, JGU’s faculty members have collectively produced over 3,000 publications. These include research papers and articles published in national and international journals, edited and authored books, book chapters and several research reports.