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Social Media and Copyright: An Indian Perspective

Social Media and Copyright: An Indian Perspective

This paper discusses the authorship/ownership of the content posted on social media platforms, how copyright infringement takes place on such platforms and how the Indian legislations regulate such infringement.


Prachi Tyagi, Assistant Lecturer, Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana, India.


Social  media  is  one  such  digital  technology  that  has  several  benefits,  such  as,  it  helps  in  building  relationships  by  improving  communication,  eases  the  process  of  establishing  private  businesses/enterprises  by  providing  a  platform  where  the  business  can  reach  a  larger  population  and  also  romote  talent  by  giving  a  chance  to  artists  to  showcase  their  art  and  gather appreciation from across the world but it does have an adverse effect on copyright owners of such posts or content as there  are  chances  of  their  work  being  misused  or  infringed.  However, sometimes the infringement might be unintentional  and  without  any  malicious  intent.

This paper shall  discuss  the  authorship/ownership  of  the  content  posted  on  social  media  platforms,  how  copyright  infringement  takes  place  on  such  platforms  and  how  the  Indian  legislations  regulate  such  infringement. The author shall suggest certain steps the Indian government can take to curb copyright infringement cases on social media.

Published in: Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

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