Policies & Committees

JGU has instituted university and school level policies and committees that complement our research goals and strengthens the research culture in the university. The following is a list of these policies and committees.

  • Research Grants Committee
  • Research and Ethics Review Board
  • Rewarding Research and International Publications Policy
  • University Research Degree Committee
  • Academic Staff Development Policy
  • Policy on Academic/Development Allowance
  • Policy on Compensation to Faculty Members for Taking Consultancy and Other assignments outside JGU (Consultancy Policy)
  • Sabbatical Policy

The Research Grants Committee reviews research proposals from faculty members and decides on grants to be awarded. It is comprised of the Deans of all schools, the Registrar, a Member of the Governing Body and Advisor to the Vice Chancellor. Grants are awarded on short, medium, and long term basis.

The University Research Degree Committee considers applications to the JGU doctoral programme, and reviews progress reports and arrangements for the management of doctoral degree programmes ensuring high academic standards.

The Academic Staff Development Policy is aimed at encouraging research and supporting the participation of academic staff members in national and international conferences, and publication of research through national and international publishers. Research goals are built into staff development programmes.

In addition to the Staff Development Policy, the Policy on Academic/Development Allowance encourages research and training among all staff members and supports these pursuits to the benefit of the University.

The University’s Policy on Compensation to Faculty Members for Taking Consultancy and Other Assignments outside JGU (Consultancy Policy) allows faculty members to engage with external   organizations on consultancy assignments; deliver guest lectures; undertake management development programmes; and/or conduct seminars or workshops.