Research Institutes

JGU’s research institutes play an important role in advancing our research agenda and a significant part of the university’s collaborative research work is carried out through them. The three institutes set up by the university so far focus on behavioral sciences, social innovation and entrepreneurship, and higher education research and capacity building.

Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS): Established in April 2014, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) is a value-based research Institute of JGU and a member of the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS). The institute is dedicated to engaging in behavioural science research that is multi-disciplinary and empirical in nature. JIBS primarily focuses on applied and experimental research in the areas of mental health, competency mapping, neurosciences, neural decision sciences, psychobiology, management sciences, forensic studies, social psychology and criminal behaviour.

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International Institute for Higher Education Research & Capacity Building (IIHEd): Established in 2015, IIHEd is an independent research institute within JGU focused on pursuing research and capacity building initiatives on different aspects of higher education in India and beyond. IIHEd conducts research and offers advice on all aspects of higher education with a strong focus on curriculum development; pedagogical innovations; faculty engagement; faculty recruitment, retention and development; research and knowledge creation systems; promotion of scholarship and building research capacities; developing international collaborations; benchmarking and assessments of institutions; and on providing institutional support on law, policy and regulations related to higher education.

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Jindal Institute of Leadership Development and Executive Education (JILDEE): Drawing upon the intellectual resources available at JGU and its national and international academic partners, JILDEE aims to support leadership development and executive education within corporations; government agencies; inter-government, public sector and non-government organizations; regulatory bodies, and other institutions. JILDEE is uniquely positioned to offer programmes to mid and senior level career officers in various disciplines including financial management, law and corporate governance, leadership and professional development, project and process management, economics, marketing and sales, technology, innovation, strategy, government and public policy, taxation, diplomacy, and international affairs.

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