Bharat’s unseen patriots: Igniting flame of nationalism and brave tales of sacrifice to secure India’s Independence

Bharat's unseen patriots: Igniting flame of nationalism and brave tales of sacrifice to secure India's Independence

Left-leaning historians, driven by their own narratives, strive to obscure the contributions of Hindutva ideologues to the freedom struggle.


Zeba Zoariah, LL.B student, Jindal Global Law School, O.P Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana, India.


In the heart of a land teeming with dreams of liberation, a symphony of resilience and valor played out in the shadows, echoing the anthem of a nation yearning to break free. The winds of change whispered promises of independence, and amidst the cultural onslaught, patriots arose like phoenixes from the ashes of subjugation. Their stories, often untold, paint a canvas of devotion and sacrifice that ignited the fire of nationalism across the length and breadth of India.

Amidst the battleground of ideologies, emerges a twist of truth, shattering misconceptions. The so-called ‘anti-Savarkar’ camp misreads Hindutva, misjudging its essence. Savarkar’s 1930s manifesto, a beacon of clarity, dispels the fog. “Nation above all,” it declares, sweeping aside divisions of religion, caste, and pride. His vision champions equality, promising rights to every faith and caste in independent India. A stern caveat resonates, though: no ‘State within a State’ under the guise of ‘Minoritism’. As curtains rise on this tale, it’s time to rewrite the narrative and see beyond the shadows of misplaced allegations.

In the tapestry of Savarkar’s ideology, a keen discernment unfolds – a revelation of hidden agendas within the garb of moderation. In a nation where pseudo-patriots abound his unalloyed nationalism stands as a beacon. It’s a prism of truth, unmasking the masqueraders – the closet Islamists and veiled communists. A spectacle that exposes the faux allegiance, a theatre where true patriots and impostors take their bows. Oh, what a spectacle it would be to witness the unmasking of these pretenders by the nation’s own truth-seeking lens!

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